Sunday, May 16, 2010

He Ain't Napolean

Name: Nicholas Sarkozy (Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa)
Born: January 28, 1955, making him an Aquarius
Height: 5'5", maybe 5'6" - nobody really knows
Marital Status: On wife #3, three children
Position: President of the French Republic, and ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra (we're not sure how you can Co-Prince or even where Andorra is... but he's a Prince!)
Overall G-20 Rating: 12
Good/Bad: Oh definitely Bad Bad. Bad to the bone. He met his second wife when he was officiating at her wedding. His third wife is the gorgeous Carla Bruni.
Despite his short stature, his need to control his public images (to the point of censorship its been contended) and something of a temper, he still seems to draw the beautiful Josephines.
Is it the power? The money? The sex? We don't really know. And if we did, we're not sure we'd tell - given his tendency to go after those that displease him.
We like his aristocratic name. Officially both of his Hungarian last names are related to places. We did come across one translation that stated it means "Prince of Darkness". Its a bit of a stretch.
Sarkozy calls himself a Pragmatist. And he's been known to call some of the fine citizens of France hooligans and scum. The French left have started "anti-Sarko" movements and have accused him of being a "populist".
And as long as we're slinging a little bit of mud, we'll mention that Sarkozy tried to stop production of a voodoo doll made in his likeness, claiming he had a right to control his own image.
But hey, he's handsome. He's French. He runs an entire country. If it wasn't for all that emotional baggage we assume he's carrying from being abandoned by his father at a young age, he'd be super hot.
We imagine that if we hung with Nicholas we'd never have to wait for tables and room service orders would always be prompt and never, ever wrong.

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