Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Men of the G-20 - the Rules and the Ratings

We're not out to cause any trouble (you listening, CSIS) - just having a little lecherous, female fun. We will not publish any information or images that aren't already in the public domain.
This all started because we were talking about the men of the G-20 and wondering who they were.
And we're lovers, not fighters, so don't be nasty to us, please.
We'll rate the men of the G-20 on an overall general scale of 20. And we'll provide as much of the general stats on them as we can find (height, star sign, birthdate, etc). As well as other relevant information that will help you in considering their date-worthiness.
We'll include their marital status, but since that doesn't seem to be a real indicator of anything, its only in there for statistical purposes.
The Men of the G-20 will also get a rating of good/bad, which has a scale of 4 - good good. good bad. bad good. bad bad.
My personal favourite is the good bad guy... just letting you know my own personal bias (and probably the reason why I'm still single!).
We thought we'd go through the men alphabetically, but got led astray by Obama - who sort of has set the bar for us, so we'll start with him!

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