Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Men of the G-20, and why we're suddenly interested

As a single woman living in this fabulous metropolis, I am always amazed/shocked/flabbergasted/suckerpunched by the ratio of women to men at social events.

It doesn't matter if it’s a foodie event, a twitterverse gathering, a fundraiser, or even – yes – single mixers, the ratio is usually 60% or more women. And I'm pretty sure there are just as many single men as women out there. I really don’t get whats going on.

So I've been wondering about how to get more men out to events, or what events are male-centric and I realized we've got a hotbed of honeys right here on our doorstep.

That’s right – the G20. A male-dominated extravaganza of men from all over the world.

We have good guys, bad guys, and everything in between. Here in Toronto, we have it all. No need to look any further.

I thought we'd outline the Men of the G20 over the next few weeks. Letting you girls see whats out there. Maybe you'll see something you like. Maybe it will help you realize theres a lot more out there than you think. And for you guys, hopefully it will get your ass off the couch and out to those events you always think about attending, but never make it to. Before some anarchist from Argentina takes the woman of your dreams.

We'll try to outline at least one man of the G20 a day. Feel free to suggest candidates. You can email us at or tweet us @gspot20.

We'll keep going until we run out of candidates, or they throw us into that temporary jail they've got going on down at the old film studio. If that happens, please send us oranges so we don’t get scurvy.

With love,

The Girls of Gspot20

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