Saturday, May 15, 2010

He Likes Cats - At Least There's That (Harper)

Photo: Harper and Cheddar. (PMO handout)

Stephen Joseph Harper
Born: April 30, 1959, making him a Taurus
Height: 6'2"
Marital Status: Married, two children
Overall G-20 Rating: 10 (he was going to get a 5, but he likes cats and he's donated pics of him and kittens for silent auctions, so that gives him another 5. We like cats).
Good/Bad: Bad Bad. And not for the usual bad bad reasons (drug use, adultery, murder). Harper gets a bad bad, cause with charismatic leaders like Lula (Brazil) and Obama around, he's just not cutting it.
We think he's probably a nice guy. And he grew up in Leaside, so we're pretty sure he's got great manners. And Harper's done some cool stuff - sang on stage with YoYo Ma, plays in a band (Herringbone), appeared in an episode of Corner Gas. Plus he's a good Canadian boy who loves hockey.
But he just seems so blah.
At a party, we'd pawn him off on Rudd (Australia) and get back to cruising the room.
If there's something we're missing, please, please, let us and the rest of the world know!
Us GSpot20 girls are eternal optimists, so we're hoping he'll still surprise us.
In the meantime, we're sure he'll be a most delightful host for the rest of the G-20.

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