Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kevin Rudd - Giving Aussies A Good Name

Full name: Kevin Michael Rudd

Born: September 21, 1957, making him a Virgo

Height: 5'10.5"

Marital Status: Married, three children

Position: Prime Minster ofAustralia

Overall G-20 Rating: 15

(Image is from ABC Aus. Website. We're not sure if he's giving the peace sign or counting)

Good/Bad: Mr. Rudd (so very bad on leaders of state protocol - what do you call a Prime Minister?) gets a good good rating with a twist of boring. We probably wouldn't talk to him at a party unless we knew who he was. All you have to do is mention KPMG and our eyes glaze over and we're already excusing ourselves to hit the bar for another drink. Add in happily married, three kids, strong Christian values and we're off and doing rail shots.

Speaking of rails… apparently, in 2007 while on a trip to New York, Mr. Rudd entered a strip club. He left immediately once he realized where he was.

And at 5'10.5", he won't even claim 5'11" and doesn’t even lie about his height.

We give him lots of credit for having a strong moral compass and sticking to it. That means a lot to good girls who like good boys. Yawn.

Mr. Rudd apologized to the Indigenous Australians for the stolen generations, he's big on doing something about climate change, and he probably flosses every night. Your mom would love him.

He has his own website, which is exceptionally informative but could be jazzed up with dancing koalas or something.

But I confess, the girls of G20 might just be suffering a little bit of PM envy. Mr. Rudd seems to be an all around good guy and not too shabby of a leader otherwise. Plus, he's got that lovely Aussie accent. If only he wasn't so boring.

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